Abracadabra! you have your ’WHY’ – are you ready to go after it?


Dear Leaders,

I am so happy to be getting this opportunity to write to all of you. Personally, I am taking this wonderful opportunity to reflect

  1. The insights we generate from our various leadership interventions
  2. How to synthesise these raw insights to something that can be easily consumed and applied by leaders to make a positive difference to the world they impact


For some time now, few questions have topped our coaching conversations charts, and they are:

  1. How are you bridging the gap between your potential and purpose?
  2. How are you leveraging “Reframing” as you progress into the next level of leadership?
  3. What are the new capabilities, skills and behaviors that you need, which can propel you into the next level of leadership?


With the sudden buzz around the word “purpose” amongst leaders and also increasingly spoken about by thought leaders around the world (to name one – Simon Sinek Ted’s Talk that promotes the question “ WHY” – https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action), What I realized among some of the leaders we coach, is a sudden unrest –  A sense of Déjà vu, to rise to find the “WHY”.


Yes, it is true that with a sense of purpose, our life and its impact on this world will flow in line with meaning and sustainability. While it may be for some of us we have found our “WHY”, for others it may be a journey that is yet to begin and for few others, oscillating in the mid lanes.


What I want to share is the most important step prior to finding your “WHY”.  It is the readiness step, which will prepare you to run that leg at your passionate best, once you have your “WHY”.Your readiness is seen, when

  1. You have coherence in all that you do in work and life, across multiple levels – not just across any one, but a conscious choice to practice / build it across the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Even a slight deviation in any of these levels, it may reflect negatively in your efforts to drive towards your purpose.
    • How are you planning to address the gaps across these levels?
    • What is your plan of action to mitigate risks on your readiness, so that your run in that wonderful purpose driven lane is meaningful to you and to others?
  1. picture1You have to ensure that you have built your ability to blend left brain and right brain activities to leverage appropriately reason and emotion. It seems the power of AND (left brain AND right brain) and the ability to situationally flex across these two brain activities is the new readiness skill.

Once you feel your readiness and others acknowledge you for your actions that demonstrate the above traits to them, now you are ready to go on the journey to find your meaning, purpose and unity.

Our very best wishes to you – All we say is “Be Ready” for making the most out of your “Fulfilment”

(PS – This is my first article in this series, to simply raise your awareness on this topic!

Author: Sripriyaa - Director Innovation and Partnerships

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