Tips For A Healthy life Balance Battle

GCL-life-balanceRecently I underwent an UBalancer certification which gives great insights into maintaining life balance. That’s when I realized that work-life balance as a term is outdated. Work and life have become 2 sides of the same coin. Yet, integrating the two has its own challenges which can lead to stress if one does not understand the fine line. After the certification, I put down these tips that can serve effective for maintaining an integrated work-life balance:

  1. Forget work and technology for a day every week

This is one important tip that many fail to keep up with. We already spend hours working with our technology (mobiles, laptops, tablets etc etc) throughout the week, so why should we spend time with them even on weekends rather than just taking a forced break? Trust me your mind and body will start loving you more and not to worry your laptops won’t be hurt.

  1. Keep calm and Exercise

Many professionals keep saying that “I do not have time today to exercise, I am loaded with meetings.” This excuse takes the integration of work-life balance away. By spending 30 to 40 mins exercising everyday does not snatch away your busy schedule, does it? It actually lowers your stress levels and gets you pumped up for an energetic day.

  1. Eating Healthy and Sleeping well matters

Eating healthy nutritious meals that would give you enough supplements to keep you going for the day is important. Just like nutrition, quality sleep matters. I know it is a known fact- 8 hours of sleep is necessary, but given the random life of professionals it would be good if one gets even 6 hours of quality sleep.

  1. Learn to say a NO

No is not a bad word. It is easy to take up all the opportunities that knock your door-step. But just hang on and breathe, take the ones that make more sense and kindly say a NO to the others. True, there is only so much one can do and we better learn that we are no super-heroes.

  1. Shake up and bring out your fun side

In the midst of mastering life balance, boredom can set in and make you fall down. If “I want to achieve life balance and get my work done quickly” is your day’s mantra, check your schedule once again. How about, thinking of the things that you always wanted to do but kept postponing. Let me tell you, even professionals with great zeal and passion burn out when they do not know how to set boundaries. This does not mean one has to be strict in setting a boundary- “I would not work beyond 6pm”. This is not a practical but what we can keep in mind is that work should never stretch you beyond what you can handle.

  1. Me time is top priority

This is perhaps the most important tip. By having ME time, it does not mean we are selfish. Our body and mind can snap if exerted. We should not forget to set ME time to rejuvenate our batteries and get ourselves prepared for another day of healthy battle.

Author: Kavita - UBalancer Coach @GCL

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