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Young CEO leadership – what does it take to run a successful start-up?

Research says that 50% of the workforce globally would be millennials and zillennials by 2025. It reiterates the fact that a number of organizations of the future will now have young CEOs. In addition, to tackle the business complexities of the future, early talent need to develop a Young CEO mindset.

We have discovered that this “born in the cloud” generation instinctively understands the power and potential of technology and is not limited by organizational hierarchy.

Driven by tremendous energy and an experimentative mindset, this generation embraces proactive networking and constant innovation to expand their vistas.

Young CEO leadership therefore needs to appreciate the environment in which they have grown and the ecosystem within which they will thrive.

As we build leadership capabilities in the zillennials and millennial leaders of your organization, we believe it is our collective responsibility to build the future leaders from a holistic and integrated perspective – Body, heart, Mind and Soul.

Young leaders come with zeal, abundant energy, and fresh ideas, yet become leaders without much people management experience - How can your young leaders be a magnet for nurturing a multigenerational workforce?
The “born in the cloud” young leaders have an experimentative mindset – how can your nurture this yet help them understand the need for focus and steady growth?
Young Leaders want quick results – how can you help them understand the power and potential of endurance to achieve results?
Your young leaders have tremendous technology skills, yet lack people skills – how can you help them build their people management skills in an authentic manner?
Your young leaders are purpose and goal oriented, yet seem to be vague due to distractions and social choices – how can you affirm the strength they have within and help them see the potential in focus?
Do you want your young talent to develop their leadership through a tested holistic and integrated leadership development model - which focuses on the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul of your young talent?

How can we help you?

After multiple interviews and research with talent leaders and young leaders, we have designed an Integrated Leadership Model covering Body, Heart, Mind and Soul intended to help young leaders become young CEOs.

It is a modular program designed suited to the learning habits of millennials who consume nuggets of wisdom in capsules. It starts from the foundation of leadership and takes them through various aspects before helping them discover leadership impact and ikigai.

This leadership impact program has a blended delivery format –

  1. Digital Self Faced Learning
  2. Combined with Interactive virtual / face to face learning with our experienced facilitators and focussed experts across the four pathways – Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.
  3. A healthy blend of non-negotiable basics with innovative practice oriented learning that helps them reflect and apply their learning.
  4. Case study and expert interventions are planned to inspire the next generation of leaders.
  5. Group coaching combined with individual coaching sessions better lands the impact of this intervention.

What can you achieve?


Your young leaders learn to align their performance, potential and purpose in a sustainable manner.


Your young leaders learn to combine the power of their body, heart, mind and soul  to become strong character oriented professionals who are ready to lead the future.


Your young leaders are ready to manage a multi-generational workforce that feels motivated and inspired by their leadership style.


Your young leaders learn the art of balancing speed with skill to scale the business.


Your young leaders learn the power of intuition to guide their intellect to engage in sustainable business practices and drive growth strategies.


Experience this program NOW as a Digital MasterClass.

How are your young leaders building skill, adding scale, and delivering at speed?


Are you investing in leadership skills today among your tomorrow’s CEOs?

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